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Anniversary Edition

Limited Time Offer valid until March 31st 2015

Special Edition "Black Oxide" 6.5 - 8.7 kW Wind Turbine

This turbine is a limited series edition which we make for our 10th anniversary of the proprietary patented technology.

It excels in every aspect of engineering, design and quality, and can be seen as a piece of art.

It includes extras such as special leading edge protection of the airfoils, a special edition "Black Oxide 02" large diameter axial flux permanent magnet generator, and a service and emergency Mico 515 series Caliper Disk Brake.

Black Oxide 05

Black Oxide Sunset

Type : Up-Wind Turbine

Power and over-speed protection  : patented variable pitch hub

Power output @ 12mph                          :~0.90 kW

Power output @ 10m/s (rated)                :  6.5 kW

Propeller diameter                                 : 5.32 m

Swept area                                           : 22.23 m2

Blades                               : 3 Carbon-Fiber Epoxy composite

Cut-in wind speed                                  : 2.3m/s - 5.15mph

Max RPM regulated by pitch mechanism     : 280 RPM

Tip-speed ratio                                       : TSR = 5.86

"Black Oxide 02" Generator : AFPMG 2 stator 64 NdFeB mag.

Mast                                : Stainless steel 316L / 56' to hub

Inverter : 1 x Smart-Wind SW 10 by Smart Power Electronics Gmbh&Co KG

Special Package Price: US$64,750.00 delivered to your site in the Continental US,

 additional shipping costs may apply for Alaska and Hawaii and other countries.

Reserve your Black Oxide Special Edition with a 50% Down payment into an Escrow Account!

Deliveries will be made in the order the contracts are validated by down payment, starting by the end of April 2015.

This offer includes the complete turbine with hydraulically activated tower, Smart-Wind Inverter,

installation assist, and fine-tuning at your location.

Not included are permit and permitting fees, site preparation, foundation and electrical

 connection from tower-base to feed-in point.

Download Drawing: PDF


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