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We offer the following Services:

a) Site evaluation

For a nominal fee of $500.00 we will send you the equipment neccessary to measure the site specific windspeeds on your proposed site, including a precision anemometer and data logging device, capable of storing the collected data for a period of up to 12 months. After a data collection period of min. 6 months, you will send back the equipment provided, and we will evaluate the data collected at your site, and provide you with a detailed report about the suitability for wind-power installation.


b) Help with permitting

If you decide to install one of our wind turbines, we will provide our help with the permitting process


c) Foundation

We provide detailed plans for the concrete foundation for the type of wind turbine and tower you choose to install at your location. The plans are complete with detailed drawings for the reinforcing steel cage and template for the bolt-pattern to connect the mast base. (we also offer the required hardware - threaded rods, bolts and base counterplate-, please call for details and price)


d) Installation

We provide help with the installation, or will have a Scaled Energy LLC approved, licensed contractor execute the installation. Pricing for these installation services depends on location and type of wind turbine. Upon request we will provide you with a detailed quote.


e) Turbine testing

Once the wind turbine is installed and operable, one of our specially trained technicians will test the wind turbine, and fine-tune the hub if neccessary.


f) Yearly service

We offer a service contract for all of our wind turbines. With the service contract is offered an extended warranty at no additional cost. the service contract also includes the free of charge exchange of defective parts, and guarantees hassle free operation and up-time.


g) Remote monitoring

The Client and Scaled Energy LLC  will have remote access to the the following data if an internet-connection is available: 

1. Status display
The status display shows the current state of device. Possible states are:

INIT run-up after Power-On
KONFIG run-up after Power-On, self test
WAIT waiting for generator potential / rpm
GRID_CONNECT initialising grid-connection (mains-connection)
WATCH GRID grid monitoring for country-dependent time
RUNUP_GRID setting up grid-connection
CHECK_SCH checking mains contactors
SYNC syncronising to mains, closing mains contactor
RUN_GRID feeding into grid (mains parallel operation, mains contactors
STAND_BY mains parallel operation without power, mains contactor
ERROR error, mains contactor incomplete

BRAKE_EL braking of SWT with resistor workload
STOP SWT is stopped, resistor workload totally active, mechanical
ERR_LOCKED fatal error, resistor workload totally active, mechanical
CHECK_INSTAL Checking of installation

2. Fed-in capacity
Display of current fed-in power to mains

3. Resistor power
Display of current fed-in power to resistor in Watt. If several resistors are connected, the total power is displayed.

4. Power meter
Display of fed-in energy to mains in kWh. Total energy since start-up of device.

5. Wind speed
Display of current wind speed in m/s, only if anemometer is attached, resp. wind data are available.

6. Rotor speed
Display of current rotor speed in rpm.

7. Error code
In case of trouble the error code is displayed here.

8. Unit type and time
Display of unit type (left) and also current time (right)


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  Smart-Wind Owners Manual


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