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Top Stories:

  • Edison Inventors Association: Inventor of the month:

  • Shelter, Energy and Food Production under one Roof :

The Energy Positive Urban House (click on PDF below)


Finally some good news in the Small Wind sector:

Long overdue consumer protection measurements are being implemented with the IRS guidance for small wind turbine tax credit, IRS Notice 2015-4, issued just days ago. Here the link to the full text of this notice:

Wind and Solar to replace Fossil Fuels:

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Which energy sources power jobs growth?:

Why is it, that "Fracking" is hailed by so many politicians?

Fracking In US Is Biggest Red Herring In The History Of Oil:

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Youngsters in research for science fair:

I hope I'm not interrupting! My daughter has been working on a project for school for an upcoming science fair.  Her project has to do with the environment and using wind energy for power.
Long story short, while looking for information, she came across your page ( and it was helpful!
If you don't mind me saying I wanted to pass along another page that my daughter found about wind energy:  (  It looks pretty resourceful covering different area and I think it might make a nice addition to your page.  Plus, your visitors should find it very helpful too.
Thanks for your information and for listening to my suggestion.  If you think it would be helpful and you add it, please let me know - my daughter would be pleased!

See this link also on our links page.

We like to wish her a big success with her work, and hope she will continue with her interest in  clean and renewable wind energy!

Update to youngsters in research for science fair:

While we appreciate the links offered by the Marcellus site, we'd like to make sure, that the background this site stands for : Fracking and Shale Gas exploration, does NOT represent our vision for the future of energy, but is opposed to it, as we deem fracking and shale exploration as extremely dangerous to the environment. In fact, fracking should be banned, as it is probably one of the most unproven and dangerous extraction modes for gas and oil.

Please read:

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  • Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Launch:

    Australian Group Develops First Fuel Cell Electric Bicycle:


    • Google Buys Entire Output of Texas Wind Farm

    • Apple reveals new progress in path to 100% renewable energy

    • Apple and the Environment


    • Mercedes F-Cell now available in the US


    • Daimler, Ford and Renault-Nissan aim to bring Fuel Cell Vehicles to Market by 2017


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